Cutting with a dull knife is aggravating. 

How much time, energy, and frustration is a dull-low-quality knife costing you? Are you tired of using knives that struggle to get through something as simple as a pepper? How often do you miss out on the joy of cooking simply because you dread how boring it is to prep food? What if the cheap low quality knife you use is robbing you of your passion for cooking?

Introducing the Macrum 1.0 Chef’s Knife

We're proud to introduce you to our first Acre Forge production knife: The Macrum Chef Knife. This knife was designed to be as universal and user-friendly as possible, in a way that both a first-time knife buyer and professional chef can equally love and appreciate.

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Macrum's Benefits & Specifications

The Blade

The 7.25" AEB-L blade has a specialty heat treatment protocol reaching a Rockwell hardness of 62, combining a low maintenance stainless blade with a remarkably thin, sharp, and wear-resistant edge.

The Handle

The custom Richlite scales are a durable, waterproof handle material that are locked down with corby bolts and G-flex epoxy, so this handle should be able to withstand just about anything a kitchen can throw at it.

Knuckle Clearance

The height of the blade was designed with enough clearance to ensure that a cook's knuckles have enough distance between their grip and the cutting board. This protects your knuckles and allows you to use the full length of the blade while slicing and chopping through food.

Edge Geometry

The cutting edge is ground and sharpened by hand to ensure that the blade will cut efficiently over a long period of time. The profile makes this knife a workhorse that exceeds industry standard. By hand we are able to get the blade thinner than industry standards ensuring that you will always be able to get through a high volume of food for a long time after long periods of use.

Best in Class

Designed by a team of accomplished custom knifemakers to be the best high-performance kitchen knife in its class you can buy. An everyday knife that is hand-finished to the geometry standards of our finest custom knives.

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